The Brennan-Lucey 4th Annual Recital

2021 will be VIRTUAL!

Friday June 18th 2021



Irish Clogging Clog Dancing Traditional

What is a 'Virtual' Recital?

We have done a lot of research into how it would be best to hold our year end recital. Last years recital parade was really fun but following the success of our virtual Holiday Showcase we have decided to go that route again as it showcases your dancers more than just the few minutes they dance outside with us! We decided against an in person recital because even with the vaccine roll outs and the loosening of restrictions on gatherings, the venues we looked into would limit the amount of spectators and we would hate to have to limit only one parent/spectator per dancer. Having a virtual recital allows us to share our dancing to every one at once and just like the Holiday Showcase, you will be able to share the link with family/friends around the globe!

Each class will be choreographing fun routines starting in April. The week of May 24th we will film each class doing their routine in the studio (or on the zoom screen). We will then edit all of the classes routines into one big movie. There will be one big zoom on Friday June 18th at 6:30pm and we will all watch the movie together! Feel free to cast your screen to the TV, get the popcorn and candy ready, and watch your dancers watch themselves, and their friends, on the TV! And just like with our Holiday Showcase, our virtual recital will have a private link on YouTube so you and your dancer/friends/family can watch it again and again throughout the few weeks the link is live. This allows everyone to participate/watch even if you are busy the night of the 18th!

Irish Clogging Clog Dancing Traditional

What to Wear

Your Brennan-Lucey performance outfit will be required for participation. If you or your child participated in a previous recital, a Feis, or any other performance in the past year, you already have the outfit! Make sure to check the Performance Outfit section of our website to make sure you have the fully completed outfit. Don't forget to add the Capes/Cuffs to complete the look!

If you don't currently have a performance outfit and would like to be involved, you can find all costume information here in the Performance Outfit section of the Parent's Area. Password: 2016IRISHDANCE

As always, please email us with any questions!

Irish Clogging Clog Dancing Traditional


Please let us know by April 30th if you/your dancer will not be participating in this years recital. If you WILL be participating no need to RSVP; we will assume all dancers are participating unless we hear otherwise via email by the 30th of April. We are currently choreographing routines for each class and want to make sure each dancer participating has time to shine!

Irish Clogging Clog Dancing Traditional



For the price of one recital ticket, ($22.50) the whole family can watch the recital! Yes really, the whole family, feel free to send the zoom code to grandma/grandpa, aunts/uncles etc! After you purchase a ticket we will email you the zoom code and YouTube link on the week of the 18th. The cost of tickets are to offset the studio editing software and the time spent editing the movie together. We are looking forward to hosting a normal in person recital next year! Tickets will go on sale below, and in our online shop, on June 1st!