All About Brennan-Lucey Pricing

Welcome to the Brennan-Lucey pricing page!

Here you will find all the information you'll need on fees and how to pay!

Here at the Brennan-Lucey Irish Dance Academy every month is a flat fee, per student, per amount of classes attended a week. There is a helpful chart below that should help make this easy to understand. We know that some months may have only 3 weeks of classes and others may have 4 or 5 but don't worry, we consulted the calendar and made sure that all months evened out in the end. With this in mind, regularly scheduled classes will be held on Columbus Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Presidents Day!


We also have the ability to pay for tuition online via credit/debit cards here. Should you choose this option there will be an added $2.50 administration fee to online payments for tuition/private lessons. Should you choose to pay via cash or check (made out to 'Brennan-Lucey Irish Dance') the administration fee does not apply. Please refer to the handy chart below for clarification!

Tuition Guidelines

1) All tuition is due on your first class of the month.

2) After the 10th of each month there will be a late fee of $15 added to any tuition still owed for the current month, and a $30 fee for any unpaid tuition that goes into the next month. The late fee is per a family's entire tuition payment, not per dancer, therefore should you pay online after the 10th for the current month, your $15 late fee will only be an option to be applied to 'Child 1's or 'Adult 1's tuition and will not be reflected in any additional children/adults's tuition.

3) If you decide to drop into an extra class (you are always welcome!), or choose to pay for classes as you go, classes are $20 per student per class that you drop in. (Sibling discounts apply)

Drop in Rate Alone.png
2019-2020 Tuition Prices.png

*The 1st Child is considered to be the oldest dancing child (u18), 2nd child is the next dancer etc*


A few examples (paid via the cash/check option):

1st Child attends 2 classes per week = $130

2nd Child attends 1 class per week = $55

TOTAL = $185 for the month

1 Adult attends 1 class per week = $65

1st Child attends 1 class per week = $65

TOTAL = $130 for the month

1st Child attends 2 classes per week = $130

2nd Child attends 2 classes per week = $110

TOTAL = $240 for the month

Irish Clogging Clog Dancing Traditional

Class Cancellation Policies:

Should we cancel class for any reason, i.e. a snow day, we will make it up during the month of June and adjust the months tuition accordingly. We will let you know with ample time just what June's tuition will equate to after factoring in all of the snow days.

Should you miss a class for any reason, i.e. a sick day or vacation, don't worry! You are welcome to make it up by attending the same level class (see below chart) in any of our other locations within a month of the missed class. You don't even have to let us know in advance, we'd love to see you at any of our other classes and look forward to more of our students dancing together and making new friends!

Your Class Level --> Appropriate Make Up Class Level

Intro Class --> Beginner Class
Beginner Class --> Beginner Class
Intermediate Class --> Intermediate Class
Prizewinner Class --> Intermediate or Advanced Class
Advanced Class --> Championship Class
Championship Class --> Championship or Advanced Class
Adult Class --> Adult Class

Irish Clogging Clog Dancing Traditional

Ceili/Performance Team Class Payment Options:

Attending the Ceili/Performance Team class is highly encouraged for dancers in the Intermediate level and up, including adults! It is held year round and will be a two fold class focusing on team dancing and performance skills. For more information on the class visit our Class Descriptions PageWhile we encourage you to attend this class uninterrupted throughout the year to maintain consistency in learning we offer the following payment/attendance options:

1) Added to your monthly tuition you get the discounted price of just $50 a month extra for this class. (Sibling discounts still apply.)

2) Pay as you go option is $20 per class paid on the day of the class. (If not paid as you attend or in advance, i.e. you added $40 to your monthly tuition check to attend twice this month, a $5 late fee will be implemented per class owed.)

Please refer to the below chart to see how this would effect your monthly tuition payment:

Performance_Ceili Class.png
Irish Clogging Clog Dancing Traditional

Private Lesson Information:

Private lessons are great for many reasons: mastery of that one elusive step, to catch your dancer up to that next level of classes, to learn a new set of dances, or even just for extra practice. Private lessons are by no means mandatory but we are happy to offer them should you/your dancer want some extra one on one time with their teacher! Please note that you have up until 2hrs before the lesson to cancel ahead of time. Once you are within the two hours ahead of your lesson you must pay half price, and if you do not show up and do not give notice, full payment is required.

To schedule a private lesson please email Meghan and Stephen and they will provide you with options for studio availability and for lesson times. Below is a handy chart to figure out pricing options:

Private Lessons 2019-2020.png

As always, if you have any questions at all on pricing and what it means for your family, please don't hesitate to contact us!

We're always happy to answer any questions you may have!