Brennan-Lucey Intermediate Steps


Depending on the time of year/class progress, along with continued practice of their Beginner steps, your dancer will learn these steps in their Intermediate Class! Each dance has the music to YouTube, a PDF of the steps written out, and a video to assist with at home practice! Email with any questions!

Beginner Reel

Music: Reel

Speed: 123 or 113

Intermediate Reel

Music: Reel

Speed: 113


Light Jig

Music: Light Jig

Speed: 115

Intermediate Slip Jig

Music: Slip Jig

Speed: 118 or 113

Treble Techniques

Music: Treble Jig

Speed: 92


Heavy Jig 

Music: Treble Jig/Heavy Jig

Speed: 92

St. Patrick's Day

Traditional Set

Music: St. Patrick's Day

Speed: 94