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Performance Outfit Shop

Welcome to the Brennan-Lucey performance outfit shop! Here you will find most of the pieces you will need to buy to complete your performance outfit! (Please keep in mind you cannot get the leotard or the beginner skirt here.)


**The Velvet Performance Skirt is a MULTIPLE STEP purchase! Please fill out the form below to order, email your pictures, and then you can pay via credit/debit card in the shop (or cash/check in class) if you so choose**


Performance Skirt Order Form

Be sure to follow the directions carefully and do not forget to send a separate email to with full length pictures of all measurements! Your order will not be processed until the pictures are received which may result in a delay of delivery.

**The Velvet Performance Skirt is a MULTIPLE STEP purchase!

1) Please fill out the form below

2) Email your pictures (please wear your black leotard, tight shorts, and have a plain background)

3) Please pay either via credit/debit card in the shop above or via cash/check in class**

These embroidered skirts come with your dancers name on the inside. If/when you purchase a 'pre-loved' skirt you can get your dancers name added for $10 and we can keep a running tally of the history of the skirt!

Thanks! Your order has been sent. Don't forget to send your corresponding pictures!


1) Find the 'Natural Waist' (the skinniest part) and measure 2 inches down from this point. This is the 'Dropped Waist'. Measure the circumference at the 'Dropped Waist', take a full length picture (including the measuring tape), and record the measurement.

2) Measure the 'Largest Circumference' (which is usually around the buttocks) record the measurement and take a full length picture (including the measuring tape).

3) Measure from the 'Dropped Waist' to the 'Middle of Kneecap', record the measurement and take a full length picture (including the measuring tape).

4) Take a full length picture side-on. *For all of the pictures/measurements please wear your leotard and a pair of shorts and have a background NOT the same color of