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Payment for drop in/pay as you go classes are due on the same calendar day as the class attended (or in advance in your tuition payment). Should you forget to pay for your drop in class that same day there is a $5 late fee added to your payment.  The Sunday Set Series is a class open to those in the Advanced/Championship/Adult Class levels. Email Meghan to see if this class is right for you!


This is for any of the Sunday Set Series Classes that you are paying for as you go. If you are paying later than the same calendar day of the class attended please toggle down to add the late fee to your payment.


Please note there is a $2.50 administration fee applied to all online tuition payments.

Sunday Set Series

  • Should we cancel a class for any reason, i.e. a snow day, we will make it up in June at the end of our session. June's tuition will reflect Snow Day's/Class Cancellations.


    Should you miss a class for any reason, i.e. a sick day, you are welcome to make it up at a class of the same level, in any of our locations, within the month of the missed class. You don't even have to give us a heads up! Just stop by and enjoy your make up class!

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