The Brennan-Lucey Beginner, Intermediate, Prizewinner, and Adult Steps

Some of our students find it helpful to see their choreography written out so they can practice at home. 
Here are the Brennan-Lucey Irish Dance Academy beginner/intermediate/prizewinner and adult steps!
Please note that you can find all of the music below on YouTube; for example just type in "Reel speed 113" into the search bar and you will have many songs to choose from! 
Happy Practicing!​
Irish Step Dancing School CT
Front Click, Boys, Men, Hard Shoe, Jig, Irish Jig, Hornpipe, St. Paddy's Day
Stretch, Excersize, Coordination, Stamina, Flexibility, warm up, cool down
Poodle Socks, Toes, Pointe, Point, Arch, Laces, Tradition, Muscles