Pre-Loved Brennan-Lucey Shoes

Welcome to the Brennan-Lucey pre-loved shoes page! Here you will find all the information you'll need to buy or sell gently used soft shoes and heavy shoes!

Remember - if a pair of Irish dancing shoes no longer fit don't throw them away, sell them in our shoe bin!

Irish Clogging Clog Dancing Traditional

How the System Works


We know that a lot of you are interested in purchasing Irish dancing shoes but that the sizes and brands can be very confusing (not to mention slightly pricey!). We have decided to introduce a Pre-Loved Shoe System that should hopefully help everyone out and ease the process!

If your child has grown out of their shoes, and the shoes are still in good condition, you now have the opportunity to sell them to another student in the Brennan-Lucey family! Follow these easy steps below:


Irish Clogging Clog Dancing Traditional

If you Have Shoes to Sell

1) Put both shoes in a plastic Ziplock bag and give to Meghan

2) Write your name, the shoe size as listed on the shoe, and the price you are selling the shoes for on the bag using a sharpie. (A good base price is $20-$30 depending on wear and tear but use your discretion!)

3) When someone purchases your shoes and they have been paid for, we will hand the money to you in an envelope the next time we see you!

Irish Clogging Clog Dancing Traditional

If you are Looking to Buy Pre-Loved Shoes 

(or even just want to try some on for sizing)

1) Ask Meghan to look through the bin at your next dance class

2) Should you find a pair you wish to purchase, hand the money to Meghan and she will make sure the seller receives it