This year we have the option of purchasing your dancers dress rehearsal class video! If you would like to take away the stress of filming on the day, be completely virtual, or to keep the video for posterity, feel free to purchase your dancers class video. We will be filming these videos in class the week of June 6th and all will be in costume with some fun editing/movie magic added to your video! You will recieve a digital copy to download by the end of June.


If your dancer is in more than one class please specify which class(es) you would like the video of (note if your class meets 2x per week that is only one video; if you are in two different Intermediate/Beginner Classes they will be two separate class videos). If your dancers class performs more than one routine in the same class that is still one video i.e. a soft shoe routine and a treble reel routine/a capella/closer/chair dance etc!


Please note that the 'Family Dance Routine' and the 'Nationals/Graduate Dancers Routine' are considered separate classes and will not be included in your class video.

Class Video

  • Should we cancel a class for any reason, i.e. a snow day, we will make it up in June at the end of our session. June's tuition will reflect Snow Day's/Class Cancellations.


    Should you miss a class for any reason, i.e. a sick day, you are welcome to make it up at a class of the same level, in any of our locations, within the month of the missed class. You don't even have to give us a heads up! Just stop by and enjoy your make up class!