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Please fill out the online form or print the form before showing up to 'Open Studio Time'. Parent signature required to use Studio Passes if u18! Note *when using a 'Monthly Unlimited Pass' or a '2x per Week per Month Pass' only 1 form needs to be filled out at the start of each month not per session and dancers will sign in when they arrive - when using a 'Drop In Studio Pass' the form needs to be filled out each time.*


Add the Studio Pass to your monthly tuition payment here! From January-June 2024 the studio will be available at the following times for 'Open Studio' sessions:


Monday - 5:45-8:15pm

Tuesday - 4:30-8:15pm

Thursday - 4:30-9pm

Friday - By Appointment

Saturday - 9:30-10:45am

Sunday - By Appointment


*Available for dancers aged 12 and up or any age if in the Advanced/Championship Class level*


Please note that during open studio time a teacher will be physically at the studio (most likely teaching a class in Studio B) but NOT providing any instruction to dancers using Studio A with a 'Studio Pass'. Only dancers are allowed in the studio rooms for practicing and the space may be shared with multiple dancers at a time. (Only positive critiques if dancers practice together - you are there to help lift each other up and provide encouragement during stamina work! Constructive criticism is your teachers job!) Dancers can stay for as much or as little as the allotted time for that day as they would like (i.e. if you pay drop in rate to come on a Monday you can stay the full 3hrs 15mins or just a portion of that time).


Please note there is a $2.50 administration fee applied to all online tuition payments. Just like a gym membership there will be no refunds if you do not use your pass within the month/date you have purchased it for. There are no roll overs available to apply payment to another month.

Open Studio Pass

  • Should we cancel a class for any reason, i.e. a snow day, we will make it up in June at the end of our session. June's tuition will reflect Snow Day's/Class Cancellations.


    Should you miss a class for any reason, i.e. a sick day, you are welcome to make it up at a class of the same level, in any of our locations, within the month of the missed class - just fill out your make up class form online and you're good to go!

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