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Handmade Brennan-Lucey Performance Skirt! These one of a kind skirts are made to order and really make you/your dancer shine in all performances/competitions! Please note Adult Skirts and those with a waist of 35" and up will cost an additional $25 due to materials.


To wash the skirt "It’s all polyester so you can spot clean or hand wash by swishing in gentle hand washing detergent like woolite or any mild meant for hand washing. Just push it through water, swish it around, and rinse the same way with fresh water. Do not leave it to soak as some of the black dye may get on the teal embroidery if left too long. Re-shape and lay flat on a dark towel to dry. It takes 1-2 hours to dry that way. A cool iron with a light touch to unwrinkle the satin on the inside if needed.


Please not that the black dye does come off a bit from the velvet so use dark towels and don’t be alarmed if your hands turn slightly gray after hand washing it! This is also why you should not leave it to soak as the dye may get on the embroidery if left for too long.


Do not tumble dry and preferably no dry cleaners."

Performance Skirt - Pick Up Only

  • Hand crafted skirt with teal embroidery on a rich velvet background. Held on via velcro so is adjustable in the waist.

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